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Your Pet Do-It-Yourself Headquarters

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  • 06/26/15--12:44: DIY Hamster Ball Hammock
  • Turn a hamster ball into a sleeping area for your rats or other small rodents! Get a hamster ball that is the ideal size for your pets. Remove the door cover. Remove two pegs from the sides of the ball, insert S-hooks in the peg holes, and use the hooks to hang the ball in […]

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    Turn a plastic container into a travel carrier for your small pet! Get a plastic container that can easily accommodate your pet. Cut out ventilation holes from the sides of the container. Cut off the top of the container, sand the cut edges of the plastic smooth, then reattach one side of the top with […]

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  • 06/26/15--23:16: DIY Dog Popsicle
  • Make a frozen treat to help keep your dog cool! Put all of the ingredients except the dog biscuits into a blender and blend them until smooth. Pour the mixture into small paper cups. Put a dog biscuit upright in each cup to make a Popsicle stick. Put the cups in the freezer. Once frozen, […]

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  • 06/26/15--23:38: DIY Bird Pinata
  • Make a pinata toy for your birds! Blow up a balloon to the desired size for the pinata. Stir some flour and water together to make a glue, cut strips of newspaper, then wipe both sides of a newspaper strip with the flour glue and wrap it around the balloon. Continue adding strips until the […]

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  • 06/27/15--22:50: DIY Wall Cubby Cat Tower
  • Use a cubby-like shelf to make a condo tower for your cat! Get a wall cubby and a tall scratching post or make them from scratch with some wood and sisal rope. Attach the cubby on the wall at the right height for the base of the cubby to rest on the top of the […]

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  • 06/27/15--22:59: Hamster Tube Fish Cave
  • Use hamster tubes as colorful caves for your fish! Get as many hamster tubes as needed, and consider getting tubes in several colors and shapes for variety. Consider connecting the tubes to make a larger cave system. Set the tubes on the floor of your aquarium.

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  • 06/27/15--23:06: DIY Metal Basket Bed
  • Turn a metal basket into a bed for your rats or other small rodents! Get a small metal basket. Use wire cutters to cut two holes on one long side of the basket near the top. Cut a piece of thick fabric to cover the inside of the basket and drape over the edges. Poke […]

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  • 06/27/15--23:38: DIY Lego Snake Hide
  • Build a nest box for your snake out of Legos! Determine the ideal size and shape of nest box for your snake. Arrange the Legos in the desired shape for your box, then add a second row of Legos onto the first to hold the first row in place. Continue adding Legos to make either […]

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  • 06/29/15--02:05: DIY Sick Bird Recovery Cage
  • Help your bird rest and recover from illness! Ge a clear plastic container that is a good size for your bird. Drill or poke ventilation holes along the top and bottom of the sides of the container, or cut out a large hole from one side of the container, poke several smaller holes around the […]

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  • 06/29/15--02:23: Apple Carrot Dog Treats
  • Bake a lean treat for your dog! Cut the apples and carrots into small pieces. Combine the ingredients in a bowl. Sprinkle flour on a flat surface, put the dough on the floured surface, sprinkle a bit more flour on top of the dough, then roll out the dough. Cut out treat-size pieces of dough […]

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  • 06/29/15--02:46: DIY Equine Ear Muffs
  • Keep your horse or donkey’s ears warm in winter! Get an ear fly mask or cut off the ear section of a full fly mask. Fit thick socks over the ear areas to measure them, then cut off the excess sock. Get a breatheable waterproof fabric, trace the outline of the ears on the fabric, […]

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  • 06/29/15--02:54: DIY Ferret Playhouse
  • Build a playhouse for your ferrets! Cut pieces of wood for each wall of the playhouse and cut out holes from the several pieces for doorways. Assemble the playhouse and attach pieces of PVC pipe and PVC connectors to some of the doorways for tunnels. Attach a wood bar in one open area, wrap the […]

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